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Jerry Barker

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Dr. Jerry Barker has over 35 years of professional experience as a plant ecologist. He has conducted research, taught university classes and provided consulting services to private industry and governmental agencies. His expertise includes teaching courses in natural resources management and capstone advisory for over 200 students. Jerry has conducted ecological research in plant ecology and wildland fire ecology.

Jerry has over 20 years of college-level teaching. He was a professor at the Somali National University and as a team member, he installed a rangeland science and ecological curricula at the Faculty of Agriculture. He also worked with undergraduate students on their senior capstones and master students on their theses. He has 18 years of teaching online classes at the University College, University of Denver. He has a passion for working with students to help them learn natural resources concepts and the steps necessary to develop a quality capstone. He is available via email and video meetings to chat about natural resources concepts, class assignments and capstone progress.

Dr. Barker has worked as a scientist at the EPA Western Ecological Research Laboratory where he was a team leader. His team researched subjects in climate change, forest and grassland carbon sequestration, reconstructing historical natural vegetation profiles, and riparian structure and function. As a researcher at the Somali National University, he developed a method for judging the ecological condition of rangelands. He has published over 60 professional papers, co-edited a book on air pollution and biodiversity and has presented at over 100 professional meetings.


Jerry earned a Ph.D. in Rangeland Ecology from Utah State University, an MS in Rangeland Ecology from Utah State University and a BS in Botany from Brigham Young University.