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John Hill

Contact Info


John Hill has over three decades of experience as an environmental and security executive and expert on large transportation, infrastructure, industrial and environmental projects in the United States, Asia and Europe. He also worked in venture capital centered on energy and environmental investments in the EU, UK and Scandinavia.


John earned a bachelor’s and master’s in physics and a doctorate in environmental science and engineering, all from the University of California.

Professional Background

John’s professional experience includes: working as a California Legislature staff member working on the state’s environmental and energy policies; working for a Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality; performing environmental and safety risk analyses related to expanding oil and gas exploration and production operations in the North Sea; directing environmental operations for a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and propulsion systems; directing investments for a European venture capital and development firm (focused on energy and environmental investments).

Motivation for Teaching

John seeks to assist students in learning and applying multiple effective techniques for seamlessly integrating course materials into their current or aspirational professional contexts and thereby elevating their careers and career trajectories.

Helping Students Be Successful

John’s teaching emphasizes essential transferable professional skills, attitudes and knowledge such as working in groups and teams, critical thinking and persuading through writing, conversations and presentations. He highly values reflection to advance learning and retention.