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Kristine Reyes

Contact Info


Kris Reyes is an experienced online adjunct faculty specializing in research and academic writing. Kris maintains her professional teaching edge by keeping up to date on the latest and most comprehensive online training programs including QM – Quality Matters – Certifications and ACUE -The Association of College and University Educators and the American Council on Education – Certification.


Kris holds a BA in Communication, Magna Cum Laude, a PS in Applied Communication and a Ph.D in Communication from the University of Denver.

Professional Background

In addition to Kris’s extensive teaching experience at the undergrad and graduate levels, she also has collaborated with university instructional designers to build new and/or reimagined online courses. After decades in the new home construction business, Kris transitioned into research and writing and worked as a QC – Quality Control – copyeditor and researcher for a financial services company and technical editor for a software billing company, before moving into an academic career.

Motivation for Teaching

Kris remains inspired by UCOL’s career-focused application of the research courses she teaches. Students are encouraged to connect their personal and professional skills and knowledge to the research they will engage in.

Helping Students Be Successful

Like many challenging endeavors, creating a research proposal is a steep learning curve and Kris supports each student as they develop their unique professional research interest as well as their emergence as academic writers. Kris responds quickly and thoughfully to all emails and provides detailed comments and examples for writing and research assignments.