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Suzanne Schuett


Suzanne Berman Schuett is a longtime environmental, health and safety (EHS) professional with over 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance, remediation, permitting, risk management and auditing. Suzanne has enjoyed consulting and corporate roles where her project/program management expertise in EHS and operations has been applied within diverse industries including manufacturing, aviation, construction, information technology and hospitality. She has proven her leadership capabilities within the fast-paced environments of startup situations and turnarounds. She is known within the EHS industry for her calm, excellent direction during an emergency response and her ability to lead her teams by always thinking about what has to happen next.


Suzanne earned a B.S. in Production Operations Management from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

Professional Background

As a Corporate Manager of Environmental Services for a major airline, Suzanne was responsible for the creation of all environmental, health, safety and transportation policies and procedures for a startup airline. She proved herself as an integral and invaluable key member of the Corporate Real Estate team for the engineering and construction of various facilities. Suzanne led the Corporate team in all aspects of EHS design, permitting and compliance including negotiating, developing and implementing all governing plans and permits for a new $875 million passenger terminal at JFK International Airport. She served the transportation industry by representing the Air Transportation Association as a subject matter expert for the federal regulation of hazardous materials and at the National Academies Transportation Research Board for aviation environmental and sustainability concerns. She led the safety responses to the potential pandemics for SARs and Ebola threats. She has served as the EHS Representative during Emergency Operations and has served on many Emergency Planning Committees.

As part of the Corporate Risk Management Team, in the role of Corporate Health Safety and Environment Manager for Berkshire Hathaway/Johns Manville, a multiple site international fiberglass manufacturer, Suzanne was a governing member on the Corporate Executive panel of inquiry for accident/near miss investigations and OSHA VPP implementation team. Under her leadership EHS policies for consistent and sustainable programs including risk management, due diligence for acquisitions/divestitures, product stewardship and development were established.

Motivation for Teaching

Suzanne has a passion for environmental issues and concerns. She seeks to develop the next generation to do better than what exists today. Her time as an EHS professional has led to vast experiences with lessons she wants to share with the upcoming policymakers.

Helping Students Be Successful

Suzanne explores with her students the latest environmental concerns with real-life examples and hands-on exercises. She is readily available via email, phone and virtual meetings to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer insights from the complexities of the EHS profession.